Affiliate Marketing - Selling on Your Site

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Do clients or customers always ask you where you got a certain product? Do you recommend other services or goods as part of your normal business? If so, why not make it easier for your customers to buy directly on your website while you make a commission?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising a product on your own website that directs a customer to another to make a purchase. It is one of many ways to make money on a website or when writing a blog. If you have some experience with web design and/or coding, the process is not difficult. If not, Charlotte’s Web Designs is happy to help.

What is the Process?

You, as the website owner or blogger, sets up an account with one or more affiliate programs online. There are several good ones out there (see below for a list). Get familiar with a few to see what companies and products are aligned with each then choose one or two that best fit your needs.

Once you are signed up with an affiliate marketing site, you then will need to apply to each company separately. For a better acceptance rate, be sure to fill out all of your account information and include a detailed paragraph explaining why you would be a good affiliate partner.

If you are accepted, you may then use that company’s links to display on your website. Usually you can choose a text link (to attach to a button, image, or set of words on your site) or HTML code to embed in your site (which will display an image or banner with a link).

When a customer click on the link to the product, they will be sent to that company’s site to complete the purchase. At that point, you receive a commission. You will not have to store or ship anything.

What Should You Not Do

Once people realize the potential that affiliate marketing can do, they tend to go overboard. Start small and don’t overwhelm your customers. A few, well-placed, cohesive items will do much better than a huge amount of miscellaneous products.

Be careful to not sound like your site is now a commercial or pushy in any way. Your goal is to make your customer’s life easier. For example, a carpet cleaner is asked what products can be used to spot clean in the future. This is a great opportunity to sell a small spot cleaning set through Amazon that he actually uses and likes. You want to make sure that your customers feel as if they have been let in on a tried and true method, and not simply up-sold.

Popular Affiliate Marketing Sites

One of the most popular sites is Amazon Affiliate Marketing, and for good reason. Customers will find almost anything here. What I love about the Amazon Affiliate program is that once a customer clicks your link to get to Amazon, you will also get a commission on anything else they happen to buy during that particular shopping trip.

These are also some great sites that I have personally used: CJ Affiliates, FlexOffers, and Rakuten.

How to Get Started

Click here to visit the Shop page on this website so you can see what affiliate marketing can look like.

Feel free to check out the affiliate sites above to see if your products are represented. If you have any question, please contact Charlotte’s Web Designs for a free consultation.