Images Are All-Important

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A picture is worth a thousand words, right? It turns out, images on a website are worth a lot more than that. Images are memorable. Studies show that content with images get over 90% more views than text alone. When is the last time you looked at a page of text and was intrigued to look again? The right picture can grab attention and draw someone in.

An Image Can Bring Your Product or Service to Life

Would you rather read about everything that a moving company can do for you, or would you rather see several strong capable movers deftly handling that baby grand piano? Would you rather read about what an interior designer can do for you or see the actual before and after results? Using photos that show potential customers or clients something they cannot or do not want to for themselves is a powerful selling tool.

What Type of Images Should You Use?

Images should reflect the company’s mission and goals. While you may love your dog and think everyone in the world will think he is adorable, he is not going to sell your product. In fact, customers will think your priority is not on them. Your pictures should be carefully curated to ensure your clients feel that you are there for them.

Your images should depict positivity and potential rewards. Images with people tend to connect better and make them more relatable.

Use “hero” shots which are pictures showing what your company does better than anyone else.

Use images that are intriguing enough to cause someone to want to repost them. This is the ultimate online marketing. When an image goes viral, you are getting exponential exposure.

Get the best quality photo you can. There. is nothing that says you don’t care than a poor quality, blurry photo that no amount of photoshopping can fix. After all, if you can’t be bothered to have good photos of your work, how well will you take care of a client?

Images Can Help You Get Found Online

When images are labeled with the correct metadata, there is more content for the web to find you. Every photo should have multiple keywords attached to it to increase your SEO capabilities. Have a great photo that you are willing to share? Consider allowing others to use it in exchange for a link back to your own site.

When your site is found in search listings, those with images are more apt to draw attention, giving you more clicks. Thumbnail images are all important. Try searching for any topic and you will see that the ones with clear thumbnail images are more enticing. According to studies, 60% of potential customers said they are more likely to choose a site that has an image on their search result listing.

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