Office Technology - What You Need Today

There’s nothing that says “out of touch” to potential customers than old (or no) technology. Behind the scenes, employees productivity can increase with proper hardware, software, and ergonomics, giving you an edge in the long run. Here are some items to consider.


Data security should be at the forefront of every company’s thinking these days. Nothing will destroy a reputation faster than leaked personal information. Setting up extra protection, especially on cloud-based platforms, will help clients or customers feel better about sharing there personal data with you.

If you have employees that work remotely, security features will allow them to use any device, any where.

Contact Charlotte’s Web Designs to set up a free consultation to discuss ways to protect your data.

Office Communication

How easy is it for customers to reach you and vice versa? Your website should have a clear method of communication.

What about employee communication? Do you have a way to easily convey the company mission and other pertinent information to everyone in the company? Paper goes unread or trashed and is a waste of resources. An easily access electronic version will solve all of these issues and is easier to maintain. Charlotte’s Web Designs can design a custom internal communications system that will lessen your workload while getting your message across.

What about demonstrations to clients or employee training? Do you have digital or physical whiteboards for ways to screen share or teleconference? Whiteboards have the capability to digitally store what’s written for future use or to save time on note taking. Check out the latest trends here.

Office Ergonomics

Yes, standing sit/stand desks are trendy right now but research shows they do work. Employees will appreciative the attention to their wellness and you will reap the rewards of added productivity. Check out a popular one here.

Noise cancelling headphones can help employees concentrate in the noisiest workplace and are worth the investment tenfold. Click here to see a great one.

Office Network and Wi-Fi

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow or nonresponsive network connection. Get the best available because data flow will only increase in time. Again, contact Charlotte’s Web Designs for a free consultation.