The Importance of Colors in Branding

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There are hundreds of articles on the meaning of colors in branding but the simple fact is, color is perceived by everyone differently because of their own experiences. Nevertheless, there are some universal reactions about certain colors.

  • Red is high energy, attention-getting and represents strong emotions. Red is good for creating a sense of urgency (like a sale), or encourages appetite (fast food sales).

  • Orange is adventurous and represents energy and happiness.

  • Yellow is cheerful and shows a fun spirit. Both orange and yellow can create a sense of anxiety in some.

  • Green is balancing and reflects nature and health. Green is used to promote relaxation.

  • Turquoise represent clarity of thought and good communication

  • Blue is calm and soothing and represents trustworthiness. It is the preferred color of men and is often used by conservative brand attempting to promote trust.

  • Purple is inventive and represents wealth and creativity. It is often used to promote beauty products.

  • Pink is youthful and represents compassion

  • Black is authoritative and reflects power and control. If overused, black can be overwhelming.

  • White is simplicity and represents order and purity. White space can help with creativity like a clean slate.

  • Gray is neutral and is considered a solid color. Too much gray can feel depressing.

  • Brown is comfortable and represents dependability

So, what is the right color combination for your product or services? While you won’t be able to predict everyone’s reaction, there is enough research to be able to judge a potential consumer or client’s reaction to certain colors.

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Beth Okun