Everyone Should Have a Blog

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Blogs are more than just online diaries. They are an important marketing tool that you should be using to drive more traffic to your website.

Why Blogs Work

  • Blogs establish authority

  • They draw viewers to your site

  • Search engine optimation (SEO) ranks higher in Google searches by adding a new indexed page with every blog

  • Establishes a library of content 

  • Relates to social media 

  • 78% of consumers believe companies that post are interested in good communication with their customers

  • Great way to lead in to more extensive content like webinars or videos

  • Every reader matters and be a potential client/customer or can refer one

Using Blogs Effectively

  • Regular blogging keeps potential clients interested in learning more

  • Most effective blogs are on the same website as business

  • Share blogs on as many social networks as possible including LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

  • Add call-to-action to get lead information on every post using a hook such as access to free fact sheets or webinars

  • Write blogs that drive long-term results - a good blog will be shared and read for years

  • Outsourcing is common

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Beth Okun