Using Video on Your Site

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A few facts on the importance of using videos online.

Why Video Works

  • 65% are visual learners

  • 72% prefer video over text

  • 85% of Facebook videos are played without sound

  • Americans spend 24 hours a week online

  • Average human attention span is 8 seconds

  • Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text alone

  • 74% of marketing video watchers eventually buy the product 

  • Videos in introductory emails increase click through rate by 96%

  • Entertaining videos encourage social sharing

Using Video Effectively

  • Use a video on the first page of website to draw clients in

  • You are 53% more likely to move up in Google with a website video 

  • Set up a broadcast schedule on YouTube, not Facebook

  • Give potential clients a reason to check back regularly

  • Videos need to entertain and not just be ads

  • Video encourage more trust by igniting interest and emotions - avoid straight sales

  • Encourage interactivity - encourage and respond to comments 

  • Consider using paid ads on other channels to direct traffic

  • Consider animation to liven up videos

  • Videos don’t need to be production perfect - just entertaining

  • 90% of all online videos are viewed on a mobile device

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Beth Okun