Free Advertising Using Facebook Groups
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Facebook - it’s a love/hate relationship. For businesses, however, I’m hoping to convince you to love it a bit more.

Facebook Group versus Facebook Page

Facebook groups are a place for like-minded people to share opinions, interests, recommendations, and more. They can be centered around a certain community, a common cause, or an activity.

A Facebook group differs from a Facebook page in that it is centered around a public figure, business, or other organization. They are visible to all and you can become a fan in order to receive news updates in your feed. A Facebook group can be public or private and interactivity is encouraged.


  • Any Facebook user can create a group.

  • There are public, closed, or secret groups. Anyone can join a public group; usually a quick form is required to be filled out for a closed group; and a secret group can only be joined if the admin invited you to it.

  • A member may add photos, copy, and events to the discussion.

  • When you join a group, your friends may see that you joined it.

  • When you choose to leave a group, other members will not be notified.

Why Join a Facebook Group

Almost every community or town has at least one group where member share local events, opinions, and most importantly to your business, referrals. Every day, someone will be looking for a recommendation for a particular product or service. These are free leads for you. Once you are approved to join the group and have read the posting rules, you may be able to post a free ad once or twice a week.

How to Join a Facebook Group

Finding a group is easy. In the search bar at the top of your Facebook page, enter the town name where you are located. Several group and page suggestions will appear. Feel free to click on a few and read the About section on the left gray sidebar to see it this is a good group for you. You are looking for one where members are asking others for recommendations of products or services. Even better, look for one that allows businesses to post ads. Note: Read the About description carefully. If you do not follow the rules, you will be dropped.

Feel free to join as many groups you find that fit your business. Just be sure you have the time to keep checking on them on a fairly regular basis.

Using a Facebook Group

It take just a few minutes a day to scan the latest discussion thread to see if anyone is looking for your type of business service or product. There is even a convenient search option on the left, gray sidebar where you enter a search term related to your business to see if anyone asked about it.

Many groups allow business to post an ad monthly, biweekly, weekly or even daily. Some require that you actually live and work in a certain town while others are more lenient. Check the groups rules and ensure you follow them. These rules are usually closely monitored by the admin.

Placing an ad is easy. You may post just text, but an image will get more attention. As with any online advertising, be sure your image is clear and your brand is displayed prominently. Keep your text light and friendly. This is a community group and people want to feel like you are one of them.

Creating your Own Facebook Group

Depending on the type and size of your business, you may decide to start your own Facebook Group. Before you start a group and start spamming everyone with non-stop ads, keep a few things in mind:

Your group should do something for your customers or clients. Perhaps by joining the group, they will have access to special discounts or deals. Maybe the group is only for current clients where you provide extra help or tips.

Your group should allow all to discuss current events and how they relates to the industry you are highlighting.

A Facebook Group can be very beneficial if you need to organize promote numerous special events. This is a great place to promote member’s memories and photos of the event.

Biggest Takeway

When using Facebook marketing, remember that groups are not about you and your business. Facebook Groups are about their members and how value can be added for them. When advertising on a Facebook group, be sure you stress how you can benefit the members.

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