How to Move up in Google Rankings

Google Rankings

You have a beautiful new website. Now what? Because the internet is constantly being updated with more information and more businesses like yours, competition for visibility is getting tougher than ever. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) alone may not get you noticed.

Google AdWords

The easiest (but most expensive way) to appear in the top of Google rankings is to pay for AdWords. If you Google anything, you will notice those sites with the small “Ad” are always at the top. This location comes at a premium - usually $300-$900 a month depending on your business and what your competitors are currently paying. If this is not a shocking amount for your business, feel free to contact Google AdWords directly and they will assign a consultant to work with you.

Continuous Updates of Your Website

The best scenario in capturing Google’s attention is to continually make changes to your site, alerting Google that something is happening. Is this realistic? In most businesses, no. So what can you do? Considering adding a blog which creates a new searchable page on your site every time you make a new entry. Please see my previous blog “Why Do I Need a Blog” here. Even if it’s only a quarterly entry, that’s still 4 more searchable pages than you had last year.

How Long Does it Take to Move Up in Rank in Google?

The simple answer: it depends. On average, a page in the top 10 was over 2 years old and most pages that were number one are over 3 years old. Does this mean you cannot move up quicker? No. It is possible but it will take some work.

To start, your website should be clean and easy to navigate. This is where Charlotte’s Web Designs shines. If your website is hard to use, especially on a mobile platform, Google will find it hard to crawl which impacts your ranking. Be sure that all duplicate content is removed which not only confuses your readers but Google crawler-bots as well.

Love your current site but it’s still stuck in your category’s ranking? Consider having an SEO audit performed on your site. Again, Charlotte’s Web Designs can help determine if you have any Google penalties that are hindering your ranking, as well as a multistep approach to your audit including a technical SEO audit, an on-page SEO audit, an off-page SEO audit, and a social media quick audit. Schedule your website SEO audit here.

Mobile Versions of Your Website are All-Important

Traditionally Google ranked your website based on the desktop version of a page’s content. They are now using something called “mobile-first” indexing” to rank the mobile version as well.

If the answer to any of these questions are yes, your ranking is being negatively affected:

  • Is it difficult for a user to quickly go to a needed location?

  • Do they have to scroll forever to find your products or services

  • Is it difficult for visitors handle basic tasks on your mobile site?

  • Are your images or pages slow to load? Starting in July, 2018, Google now uses mobile page speed as a search ranking indicator so loading time is a huge factor.

Make Sure your Links Work

There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link over and over again and nothing happens. It’s also send a message to Google’s crawler-bots that your site is not working correctly.

Want to Know More about SEO?

Google has a guide for anyone promoting online content which is a good overview of how Google finds and understands your content as well as some helpful hints on optimizing your site’s hierarchy, content, and images. Check out Google’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide.

Google My Business

By creating a free business profile on Google My Business, you will make it easier for clients, customers, or reader to find you on Google Search and Maps. Please see my Google My Business Guide for more information.


Moving up in Google rankings through SEO is an ever-changing algorithm and requires vigilance of the changing terms and conditions Google considers important. While there is not a simple or clear path, there are some basic things you can do to make your website as visible as possible including having a clear, easily-navigated layout with working links, making changes or adding pages to capture attention, and ensuring your content works well on a mobile platform.

Need any more help getting your business noticed? Please contact me at Charlotte’s Web Designs for a free consultation.

Beth Okun