Mobile Marketing

There is a better than average chance you are reading this on a mobile device. Whether in a Starbucks, commuting on mass transit, or in a waiting room, almost everyone is on their phone. If your site is not optimized for mobile by now, you are missing the boat.

Here’s some key takeaways according to recent research:

Over 3/4 of all American adults (18+) use a smartphone and have mobile access to the internet.

50% are also tablet users.

Americans (18+) are currently spending an average of almost 3 1/2 hours on their mobile device every day.

That’s up an hour from last year and expected to increase every year. Granted, a good part of this time is on apps, but the fact is that mobile use for everything is on the rise.

While radio, print, and desktop use has maintained fairly steady over the last 5 years, TV use has declined and only mobile use increased.

Multitasking is common and this study takes in account that many are multitasking with several devices (i.e. on their phones while watching TV).

Android and IOS use is fairly even.

All the more reason why content should be optimized for any type of device.

Almost half of mobile users use a search engine (Google is used 96% of the time) to find what they want, but a third go directly to the site they want.

This is why both a well-written website and SEO is so important. Also, Google optimization is all-important.

Google says that the majority of users will not return to a site they had trouble accessing.

Worse yet, 40% of these users will then go to a competitor’s site that is working well. Be that site that users will. go to and stay.


Is your site is working well on all devices and all platforms? If not, you are missing on multiple opportunities to grow your business or even keep it going at its current pace. The world is changing rapidly and mobile use will continue to dominate. First impressions online not only count, but may be your only chance to connect.

Need help or have questions? Contact Charlotte’s Web Designs. We specialize in optimizing websites for all devices and search engines.

Beth Okun