Online Branding

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Branding your business correctly may be the most important business decision you will ever make. Online, first impressions are everything and with the ever-increasing competition, you may get only one chance. You need to make your business appear approachable, familiar and trustworthy,, and above all memorable. Your brand must be clear and reflect exactly what your product or service represents while appearing likable and invoking familiarity.

Choose a Simple but Relevant Name

Find a name that clearing defines your business or makes you memorable. Likewise, find a domain name that is either short or easy to remember.

Get a Great Logo

Think of all the logos out there you instantly recognize.

When creating a logo, aim for the simplest design that truly embodies your brand. Your logo may be just a shape like the Nike swoosh or perhaps a distinctive font like Coca Cola. Click here to see my blog about the importance of color choices.

Create a Tagline

A good tagline will give some a clear indication of what you are about and what you want to achieve. A great tagline will be as memorable as your logo. Here’s some famous examples:

The Happiest Place on Earth - Disney
Capitol One - What’s in Your Wallet? - Captiol One
Finger Licking’ Good - Kentucky Fried Chicken

Define your Audience

Are you targeting a very select few or is your product or service able to be used by many? Know your customer and you can customize your branding to be attractive to them. For example, if you are a golf ball supplier, you will want to target golfers, pro shops, sports stores, or even people who buy gifts for golfers.

Create a Style Guide

Once you have your logo, tagline, and know your customer, it’s time to create a style guide. This will allow you to be consistent with your branding wherever you use it: business cards, brochures, social media, and more. A style guide should include your mission and goals, fonts, colors, a tagline, a clear picture of your customer or audience, keywords to emphasize and keywords to avoid. Consistency is key to breeding familiarity and trust..

Build a Connection

Once you are recognized, it is time to become relatable and likable. In order to build trust, people want to get to know more than just what you are selling or offering. Consider the following

  • Add an “About Me” or “History” page. Express why your business exists and why it should be chosen over others. Tell an intriguing story. Click here for more info about storytelling in marketing.

  • Create and connect to social media accounts. Use these as extensions of your website to help drive more traffic to your site. Encourage following and sharing of your information. Then, keep posting.

  • Use good quality graphics or images. Click here for more info about the importance of good images.

  • Create your own YouTube channel or add videos, podcasts, or other multimedia to your website. Click here for more info about using videos on your site.

  • Create a blog. Click here for more info about why everyone should have a blog.

Getting it Done Right

If you are already familiar with graphics and online marketing, great! If not, be great at what you do and let Charlotte’s Web Designs help you create the perfect logo, tagline, graphic and more. The old adage is still true: you need to spend money to make money, and creating the perfect brand is essential for success. Invest in your branding will get your company on the right track.

Beth Okun