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Just the Basics Package

If you need a clean, clear website that delivers your message concisely, this package is for you. Whether you need a homepage to coordinate all of your social media feeds or perhaps just a few basic pages like a home page, about page, products or services page, reviews page, and contact page, the Basic Package will cover it all. Also included in this package: hosting and domain for one year, stock photos and professional copy if needed, 1 hour of training, and up to 2 hours of updates throughout the year. NO MONTHLY FEES. See more details below.

Small Business Package

The Small Business Package is our most popular package and for good reason. 5-15 pages will cover all the content that most businesses need to get their brand, services and or products seen in the best light. Not only is everything included from the Basic Package, but we also add in an extra hour of training and up to 4 hours of updates in a year. NO MONTHLY FEES. See more details below.

Professional Package

If you have a more complex site, this is where Charlotte’s Web Designs truly shines. With custom graphic and coding, the Professional Package will help you stand out from the rest, making your website seen and remembered. Everything is included from the other packages but also add in up to 6 hours of updates in a year. Still - NO MONTHLY FEES. See more details below.

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The Details

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The Process

Clients often ask Charlotte’s Web Designs, LLC why we consistently choose Squarespace over Wordpress. While we have used Wordpress in the past (and still will in certain circumstances), we have found that Squarespace works best with individuals and small businesses because of its stunning templates, all device-responsive abilities, availability of tech support, and many more features including its exceptional SEO and SSL capabilities. Development is also quicker, resulting in lower costs for you. Charlotte’s Web Designs, LLC can add custom graphics and coding ensuring that your website stands out from the rest.

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Additional Services

Social Media Support

Digital Ads

Digital Video Ads

Email Marketing

EDDM Direct Mail

Logo Design

Business Card Design

Postcard, Brochures, Flyer


Affiliate Marketing

SEO Optimized Blogs

Photo, Video. Drone, 3D



Multilingual Websites


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